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Organizations planning new product launches during the early part of the 21st century had a unidirectional approach i.e. just to look up the price ladder due to increasing income levels of consumers and their never-ending desire for better quality products, that era began with a focus on high-end, premium and luxury product launches. But that period changed to a more stressful economic era causing consumers to rationalize their spend hence brands forced to come down the price ladder. This change in consumer behavior caused many mid-tier and premium brands losing their market shares to low-end price brands in the market. These organizations are facing an uphill strategic task ahead. Should they counter this threat upfront by decreasing the offering prices, which will result in destroying their profits and brand equity? Or should they try and hold the path with the hope that it will correct itself and in the process losing customers who may not come back to them after experiencing a low-cost brand? Given how big the damage could be in the longer run, quite a few organizations are now contemplating to launch a Fighter Brand. What is a fighter brand?

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