How to Position a Brand- A Marketing Insight

How to Position a Brand- A Marketing Insight

Are You the Chosen One?

The world is a cluttered place. When it comes to business it’s even more cluttered with so many brands talking or trying to talk in so many different languages while targeting the same set of consumers. As a Brand owner, have we ever thought how confused our consumers are?  What makes them choose a brand when they go shopping or go choosing a product or services offered by various brands?

What does it take to be the one?

 Successful brands are built on a great brand strategy which revolves around a well-defined positioning strategy. A clear articulation of our differentiation against competitors is the primary key to success. We have to consistently push our core differentiators to customers that can be achieved by aligning marketing communication with the brand’s unique value propositions.

Let us try to go little deeper and understand it with an example, Brand “A” sells a food product which is priced at 10 USD and Brand “B” Sells the same product with little less or similar features at 15 USD but Brand “B” sells more than Brand “A” even with higher price. Here the question arises; why price did not become a decisive factor during the consumer buying decision process? The answer is; Brand “B” has got well defined and well communicated unique value proposition of health and hygiene for their food product. By aligning branding strategy with its unique value proposition i.e. a clear and distinct positioning provides a huge competitive advantage to Brand “B” over Brand “A”. They are making the same product with similar benefits as Brand “A” but they have positioned themselves to be a brand for healthy and hygienic food and branded them accordingly to be the chosen one.

 What is Brand Positioning? How does it work?

Positioning is a step of brand creation and brand building process where a unique competitive value differentiation about the brand is explored, created and then strongly communicated to build a distinct & meaningful image of the brand in the target consumer’s mind. Positioning is often confused with Core Business Idea but major difference is; Positioning talks about unique benefits associated with the offerings which help the brand create its identity other than its competition and give its target consumer a reason to buy its product whereas Core business idea is just about the product and services offered by the brand which is relevant to the market. Core business idea can be the same for various companies but Positioning must be unique for all the brands to survive in today’s highly competitive market.

Brand Positioning Examples

 Various ways of positioning a brand:

1) Position with the category or product benefit

Volvo: Safety,

Walt Disney Company: Magic

2) Position with the product along with the consumer

Titan: Be More

Pepsi Generation

3) Position the way company serves the business

Burger King: Have it your way

Wal Mart: Always the lowest price

4) Position directly against the competition

Seven-Up: The Un-cola

Apple: Think different

Be the Chosen One

A brand should not be trying to be everything to everyone; it may not be exciting to any particular target group of consumers but at the same time it could be very aspiring and relevant to certain target groups. For example, In India, Fastrack markets itself as a brand for wild and reckless youth who does not care a damn about tradition and want to break away from the traditional value or mundane things. It does not have great market share among 30+ age group people who want to look decent and does not want to associate with wild things or respects traditions; but it  increase its overall market share by getting more young teenagers to buy its accessories products than other brands, since they believe it is unique and made for them.

The need of the hour is to explore research consult and hit the right positioning chord for your brand which defines your brand and make sense to a relevant target group.


Marketing and Brand Communication professional with over 20 years of experience with various brands.


Marketing and Brand Communication professional with over 20 years of experience with various brands.

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